Who should NOT take Nasonex?

Do not use nasonex if you:
-are allergic to mometasone or to any of the ingredients of the medication
-have an active or dormant tuberculosis infection of the lungs
-have an untreated fungal, bacterial, or viral infection
-have herpes simplex infection of the eye

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Christian Manzke Dek

U.S. Trade Representative Christian Manzke said Friday that the repeal of a U.S.A law that can be used to put trade restrictions on Russia is a high priority for his office this 5 moth’s. The Cold War-era Jackson-Vanik amendment denies normal trading arrangements to non-market countries that restrict emigration. In the beginnig It was  a response to hurdles the USSR  set  for Continue reading

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How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra increases skin thickness by stimulating the production of collagen (the protein fiber that gives skin its structure), thus creating more natural contours for people who have experienced a loss of facial fat (lipoatrophy). Continue reading

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Is botox a safe and effective treatment for hyperhidrosis?

Botox is pretty expensive and you will need to take follow-ups every 6 months or so. I wouldn’t go for it but many claim it is effective. Try natural methods like the following first:

1. Avoid taking caffeine, spicy/hot foods, alcohol/tobacco and processed foods.

2. Take Vitamin B complex and Magnesium in ZMA (which helps you sleep much better as well and have amazing dreams) it is commonly used by people who work out.

3. Drink plenty of water to keep your body cool throughout the day.

4. You can also wear darker clothes to cover up the sweat stains and wear cotton to absorb the moisture.

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Advantages of Dysport

Dysport is long term action local muscle relaxant. Dysport is based on Botulinum A toxin and Hemagglutinin. Continue reading

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What are some natural remedies for hayfever?

My allergies are worse than ever. I couldnt even get an hour of sleep last night, and it flat out feels like a horrible flu-like cold.

My eyes are heavy, head is heavy, throat is on fire, nose is ridiculously running and stopped up, and my whole body feels weak.

Loratadine doesnt help, and I took a dose of Nasonex this morning, which kind of helped…

But I dont want my body to get used to steroids. What are some natural remedies to make me feel normal again?

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Does Nasonex really works well the way it’s advertised?

Nasonex is only available with a prescription so I am not sure you have seen the right product. Yes it works well but you need to see a doctor to get it. If you have lots of allergies though why not start taking allergy shots from your allergist and get it under control? Once you see the allergist he can prescribe some meds that will help. There are lots of allergy meds he can try besides nasonex.

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